Your Cheat Sheet of Creating a Successful Ecommerce Website

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Planning to start your own ecommerce website? Well you are at the best place as we are going to help you by stating all the steps of making a smooth and successful ecommerce website.

Even though, creating a website is pretty basic and a rookie web designer can easily create a website in any website builders available in the market, you can be a little more pro to stay one step ahead towards success.

Building a custom website might give you more leverage for creating a website with extensive features. A dedicated website will give you more control over it and all the other aspects. You can choose to expand your website more with the growth of your business. However, if this is a new territory for you, you can hire a Hire Full Stack Designer or follow our guide to create the website.

Step-By-Step Process of Building an Ecommerce Website

Choose a Platform

Choosing a domain to get started is the first step of building a website. There are several options to choose from, so that you can suit the most suitable platform with different functionality.

Open source- Open source as the name suggest is a platform with open source code advantage. You can install it without a cost and then choose from the endless customization features. However, to use this platform to its full potential, you need to hire an expert. The expert will also help you with maintaining its poor security breaches.

SaaS- Software as a Service is another platform that offers subscription services. When compared to Open Source, Saas is a relatively easy to use, scalable, and secure system. The pricing might be a concern as you need to keep up with the monthly subscription fee, plug-in apps and transaction fee as well.

There are also other platforms such as Headless commerce. Also you need to keep in mind to choose the right domain like Shopify, Magneto, BigCommerce, etc.

Get a Domain Name

You need to avoid using complicated spells for your brand name. Choose a name that is simple, easy to pronounce and easy to remember as well. You need to avoid using any symbols like hyphens, numbers and other things as it will not only make the name harder to grasp but also harder for people to share the web address. Make it shorter; you don’t want to put to many characters on it as it can make your website less discoverable online.

Select the Perfect Business Backdrop

Your website would represent your business and that’s why you need to ensure that all the feature and the overall look of the website is well-designed. You can seek the advice of the E-commerce development agency to select the suitable design from the bunch. Ensuring that the navigation is smooth should be your first priority. And that’s why you need to select templates, theme are the other features accordingly. Make sure that the website is running smoothly on mobiles as well.

Customize the Product Pages

Now comes the important part and that is listing your services or products. This is the main reason why you are creating your website in the first place and that’s why you need to be careful when designing the pages. List all detail about the product in the product description area, so that the person can understand who can use the product, how to use it and other details. You also need to add the product image to provide visual information. Making sure that the image is true to the actual product should be a priority. As if you clients receive the wrong product it won’t be good for your company’s image.

Clear Payment Methods

Clarity in the payment procedure is superiorly important. The payment method should not be complicated as it can create unnecessary hassle for your and the client both. There are three types of payment methods that are massively used by ecommerce websites- onsite payments, redirects and checkout onsite and payment offsite. Each of these methods is different when it comes to having control, security concerns, and other concerns.

Sorting Out Shipping Settings

The shipping settings should be smooth and less costly so that you are not investing a bulk of your profit in the process. First, make a rock solid shipping policy that will include shipping fee, variable fee, a flat rate, etc. You also need to conclude if you want to ship internationally or not. Selection of the shipping solution is another important task at hand. Figure out if you want to do the packing or dropshop. Contacting shipping software might be a solution to make such decisions.

Before you hire a web application developer ensure that you have leave space for future alterations. You business will not always stay small, so making plan for such changes will only take you one step close towards success.