June 10, 2023

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Why You Should Always Use Professional Email for Your Business?

The 10 Best (Free) Email Service Providers for Your Business

Right since the introduction of the internet, emails have established themselves as essential tools for professional communication. In recent years, while social media platforms and instant messaging tools have made communication faster, emails are still the preferred means of business communication. 

When you launch a website and buy web hosting, some providers offer Email Hosting as a part of the package too. This allows you to create professional emails for your business. You can also buy Business Email Hosting and create professional email accounts. Many new business owners opt for free email services like Gmail or Yahoo for Business Emails to avoid the cost associated with an Email Hosting service. 

In this article, we will talk about the importance of using Professional Email Hosting for your business and highlight the benefits offered by it.

1. Security

Both free and paid email service providers ensure optimum security of the email server. However, when you opt for a Business Email service, the provider uses encryption while signing in and using your account. This adds a layer of security to your emails and prevents easy access to the information to hackers. Further, Business Email Hosting providers use the latest security tools and spam filters to ensure optimum protection.

2. Creates a Professional Image of the Business

When you send an email to your existing client or a prospect using a free email account, the email is usually received with some skepticism. This is because anyone can open a free email account in any name. Hence, recipients have no means of ascertaining that the email is from you. However, if you use a Business Email account, you can instill trust and create a professional brand image.

3. Customized Email Storage

Most users do not clean their inboxes regularly. While once every few months they try to delete unwanted emails, a full mailbox is a common sight. With free email accounts, since the storage offered is limited, the mailbox can get quickly filled up resulting in the bouncing of emails. With Professional Email services, you can choose the amount of storage you need for your email account based on your needs. This can help ensure that you never miss out on important emails due to the mailbox being full.

4. Value for Money

While free email accounts don’t cost a dime, Business Email accounts come at a price. Hence, there is no comparison in costs. However, if you look at the features offered by Professional Email Hosting plans, it is easy to identify the value they offer for your money. 

Check out the following video that highlights the winning features of a Professional Email Hosting service:

Summing Up

As you can see, a Professional Email offers several benefits. An email address represents your brand. Hence, it is important to choose an address that has your domain name or the name of your company. Also, the email server should be highly secure and offer storage based on your needs. All these features can be availed of in a Business Email Hosting account. Free email services might seem easy and zero-cost options but a Professional Email can create the brand identity you want.