May 29, 2023

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Load Manager For Large Vehicles

Emergency Vehicles and other large vehicles are loaded with various electronic equipment that needs to be ready at a moments notice. Depending on the situation, the vehicles alternator or battery can be at risk if the electrical demand exceeds their capacity.

The Load Managers are designed to provide a reliable and accurate means of monitoring and controlling the transfer of energy in an automotive electrical system. Examples of load management in a recreational vehicle include

– Engine Monitoring

– Drive train reporting

– Internal/External lighting

– HVAC control

– Safety interlocks

– Door control

The advantages of using our load managers include

– provide on-board diagnostics and status

– increase reliability and durability

– minimize downtime

– supply reverse polarity protection

– dramatically simplify troubleshooting and repairs

– provide instant short and open circuit detection and notification via our system display panels

– eliminate electromechanical relays, breakers & solenoids

– on-board service information

– each node enables discrete load shedding, sequencing, diagnostics and power management control

– several types of user interface screens

– real-time response

– easy to use, Windows® based program

– training and support programs available

Load managers can provide more flexibility and control than any other system. This electrical solution offers continuous self-check and failure detection of many loads and devices. The combination of hardware and software make up our multiplexed control system.If you want a device that will provide on-board diagnostics and status, increase the reliability and durability of your equipment, and provide instant short and open circuit detection and notification via a system display panel, contact us for more information on our load managers.