May 29, 2023

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How to Resolve SoundMax Unavailable Problem


Computer has no sound; there is a SoundMax icon marked with a red pattern crossing it in the right bottom. If you point your mouse onto this icon, it will show that the SoundMax audio can not be found out and you are unable to use the SoundMax Control Panel, under Start / All programs / SoundMax / Control Panel you get nothing.

Here the SoundMax we mentioned is control panel items of Analog Devices Co. Ltd series audio cards

If the SoundMax is being closed and can not apply the SoundMax Control Panel, you can follow the below instructions:

Step 1 If you use an independent audio card, check whether the sound card is in good connection with the main board.

Step 2 If you use an on-board built-in adapter, check whether you have disabled your integrated card in BIOS.

Solution: enter BIOS when boot up the computer, extend “Integrated Peripherals”, find out your audio card option (for example ac97 Audio) in the pop-up box, set it as “Auto” or “Enable”, find out On Board AC97 Control, set it as “Enabled”, accomplish this operation and exit, get into the system then set up the audio driver.

Step 3 No audio driver or the driver has been set up improperly.

Solution: Open Device Manager, double-click Sound, video and game controllers and look for whether there is an exclamation mark (!) or interrogation mark (?) beside it. If there is, it indicates that no audio driver has been installed for the sound card or the driver has been set up improperly. Then reinstall the correct audio driver.

Step 4 Your audio card is disabled in Device Manager.

Solution: Open Device Manager, extend the Sound, video and game controllers branch and check your audio device. If it is disabled, there will be a small “X” beside it.

Then right-click the device marked with a red “X” and click Properties.

Under Device usage, select Use this device (enable) and click OK.

Finally restart your computer.

These are some troubleshooting tips you can follow to resolve SoundMax audio unavailable issue.