June 10, 2023

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How to Download BlackBerry Themes

STEP 1: How to Change the Default Theme on Your BlackBerry

A theme is like the wallpaper on your PC. Adding a theme to your BlackBerry is a great way personalize your device. To find and change the themes, click your Options icon and go to Theme. Then select the theme you want and click on that theme and your “home screen” will be changed.

STEP 2: Finding BlackBerry Themes on the Internet

There are many premium third party software developers that offer high quality themes that can be downloaded either for a fee or for free. In our opinion, downloading FREE themes can disable up your BlackBerry, so purchase BlackBerry apps and themes from reputable providers only or from a source you trust.

STEP 3: Preparing Before Downloading and Installing a BlackBerry Theme

When shopping for Themes, verify your Operating System (OS) on your BlackBerry by selecting the Options icon on your BlackBerry and choosing About. The OS version looks like v4.6.0.167; your OS version will vary depending on your device. Before downloading a BlackBerry theme and installing it onto your device simply verify the OS and install only a compatible theme.

STEP 4: Download BlackBerry Themes over the Air (Emailed To Your Device) *** Recommended ***

Most Theme providers allow for easy Over The Air installation of BlackBerry Themes. An email is sent to your device that contains the link to download your new Theme. From the email, simply click the link and your BlackBerry will begin to download the Theme onto your device.

To find your newly downloaded Theme, Click the Options icon on your BlackBerry. Then click Theme and select the newly downloaded theme.

STEP 5: Download BlackBerry Theme to your PC then to to your Device

Purchase a Theme from a website you trust and select ‘download to PC’ or something similar that indicates you want to download the Theme to your PC rather than have it delivered by SMS or email to your BlackBerry. Download the Theme to your PC. The file will zipped (.zip) so you will need to unzip the file on your PC’s Desktop. Connect your Blackberry to your computer (with a BlackBerry data/sync cable). Open up the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, and then open Application Loader. Then find the unzipped Theme file and hit “OK”, after the installation finishes. Now, change the theme by going to Settings. Click Options. Then click Themes and select the new theme.