June 5, 2023

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Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting vs. Virtual Private Server Hosting

Making the choice of the right hosting provider can be a bit challenging but going for a cheap dedicated server hosting package that does not offer the quality it claims can be even more frustrating. Going for dedicated server hosting can prove to be highly advantageous but only if you choose the right source for the hosting service.  Going for the right hosting provider is difficult but it is even more difficult to choose the perfect hosting plan. This goes special for individuals or businesses who do not have any idea of the differences between a UK dedicated server and a virtual private server. In this category, shared server hosting might not come into the picture because this kind of hosting is only suited for small business owners or small websites. Shared hosting means a site is hosted on a server that is shared by several site owners and thus the price of shared server hosting is much more affordable than the price of dedicated server hosting. That being said, here we will be having a look at the differences between UK dedicated server hosting and virtual private server hosting.

What is Dedicated and VPS Hosting Plan?

Prior to discussing the main differences, it works to know about the plans and the features that make them exclusive.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

A virtual private server or VPS is the same as shared server hosting where the server has several clients on one single machine. This is where the similarities come to an end. In a virtual private server hosting environment, while the server is shared with the other customers or site owners, each customer is given a specific space. Each client on a virtual private server gets sufficient website hosting space but is not allowed to interfere with the activities and the functions of another client. A hypervisor is used for this purpose. It is basically a virtual divider used for separating clients from one another. This divider is also used for ensuring that the clients served on the same server are not interfering with the usage and the data of the other site owners.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is the same as its name, completely dedicated. There is only one site hosted on the server and the data of only that single site remains on the server. It is always very advantageous to go for UK dedicated server where there is a whole server dedicated to the requirements of a business. But the problem with dedicated server hosting is that it is not available within an affordable range.

Understanding the Main Difference

Besides the type of servers used by both these plans, security, speed, scalability, management and price, all play an important role in making both these server hosting plans completely different.


When weighed in terms of security, cheap dedicated server takes a higher ranking here. However, this does not mean that virtual private servers are not secure enough. It is just that the dedicated servers offer better security. One of the main reasons behind this fact is that there is just one way in which attacks can take place on a UK dedicated server and that is externally. In case of VPS, there are chances of the neighbours on the servers to get corrupted and adversely affect the performance of the other sites.


Again, dedicated servers have good advantage in this field. Since dedicated servers do not have any dividers or partitions or anything that stops data from being requested or transferred, they offer more speed than virtual private servers. Dedicated server hosting is known for improved page load time which means better website browsing experience for the visitors.


There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that virtual private servers cost way less than dedicated server hosting plans.  However, if requirements and functionalities are taken into account, a UK dedicated server might be considered better despite the hefty price that the users need to pay for such servers.

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Virtual Private Server hosting can prove to be beneficial when it comes to site expansion or increasing the storage amount required. Since these servers are virtual, users can easily upgrade their storage by getting more from the servers they are on. On the other hand, dedicated server hosting does not offer the same level of scalability as VPS. With dedicated hosting packages, if the users are looking to add more, they will have to add more to the servers physically. This might require putting in a lot of time and money which can further result in site downtime.


Despite the fact that both VPS and dedicated server hosting provide management, dealing with just one data set in place of multiple is always a great bonus and dedicated servers take the centre stage here.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Dedicated Server Hosting Include:

How to choose the right dedicated server hosting provider?

You can choose the right dedicated server hosting provider by comparing the varied packages offered by the providers.

Why is it not considered wise to pay extra for dedicated server hosting?

If you are not getting anything extra with your dedicated hosting plan, then it is not wise to pay extra for the same.

What is dedicated server hosting good for?

Dedicated server hosting is good for sites with huge data and the ones experiencing a lot of traffic on a regular basis.

What do you mean by cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is where a site is not stored on one server. The site is hosted on several servers connected in cloud array.

VPS or Dedicated- which is better?

Getting the perfect answer to this question is not possible because it all depends on the requirements of a site.