2022: Astrological New Year Starcast 

What if you were able to reach greatness and make your dreams come true? What if a chance to make a positive difference presented itself on your doorstep? Would you be willing to take a chance? Would you be prepared to take a risk and create anything — anything — that may lead to the discovery of a whole new world? Spring has arrived, heralding a season of renewal and new beginnings. However, when the Sun enters Aries this my todays horoscope New Year, the planets will combine to trigger a significant shift in who we are and where we’re heading. Mercury is set to move retrograde, and Saturn is ready to go direct, so two planets will remain stationary around the new year. You should expect a lifestyle shift when even one planet changes direction, but two planets changing directions simultaneously might be far more dramatic. Because Saturn rules responsibility and Mercury rules communication, you may notice significant changes in your profession, home life, and other areas of duty.

Furthermore, Mercury will be opposite Jupiter, which might lead to stimulating discussions and thoughts and a favorable phase for fiction writing. You must, however, keep an eye out for excess. Mercury retrograde is known for making life more difficult, while Jupiter has a habit of tempting us to take on more than we can bear. Be cautious what you say, and don’t make any promises that you can’t keep. As if that weren’t enough, Mars is entering Aquarius for the first time in almost two years. After spending two months in steady Capricorn, the planet of action is shifting its energy to the sign of rebellion, which might result in a flurry of activity during the following two months. All of these planetary shifts might result in significant alterations and transformations. This is an ideal moment for you to advance in your work and other areas of your life. But, whatever you do, make an effort to accomplish something. Change is coming your way, and if you take charge, the outcomes might be spectacular. Best of luck!